Renewables | Biomass Boilers - 4kW to 1250kW

Wood burning boiler are a good alternative to heating with oil or gas. This natural fuel has a lot to recommend it, and not only because it is environmentally responsible. Wood as an indigenous fuel is also very affordable and not subject to wide price fluctuations.

Vitoligno 300-P

Automatic pellet boiler.  Rated output 4kW to 48kW


Boiler with grate combustion. Rated output: 390 kW to 1 250 kW


Boiler with rotation combustion. Rated output 90 kW to 540 kW

Pyromat ECO

Wood fired boiler. Rated output: 30 kW to 170 kW

Pyromat DYN

Wood-fired boiler for logs, pellets and chippings.Rated output: 36 kW to 90 kW