Gas Central Heating

Central HeatingAll systems are designed for the individual dwelling and the appropriate form of hot water delivery system fitted (i.e. unvented, stored or combi).

Unvented systems are designed to provide great hot water delivery in properties with multiple bathrooms or en-suite, where there is a demand for multiple simultaneous facilities.

We offer a free consultation service and quotation for any type of system required.

As of April 2005, all gas boilers must be of the condensing type, be they combi or conventional.

Billericay Heating Ltd. installs all types of central heating systems, be it traditional systems or combi systems from leading manufacturers.

Condensing boilers operate by extracting the heat from the flue gases and turning them back into water and passing them across a heat exchanger. This means that Sedbuck “A rated” boilers can operate at up to 91% efficiency, in real terms that means that for every £100 spent on gas £91 is used to heat your home.

Manufacturer’s warranties of up to 5 years are available on some products. Please ask for details of these guarantees.